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Internet Explorer GPO Preference settings

We have been trying migrating IE Maintenance Then we again had some issues in publishing the Proxy settings from the GPO preference settings.
We enabled the proxy in GPO preference Internet settings but it was not getting applied to clients.
Later found we have to press F6 on the screen with redlines if we see any red dot lines on the settings.
Also we noticed Internet Explorer 9 settings not available in GPO preference.
This was because the IE version installed in the Server was IE8. To get the IE 9 settings we have to install IE9 on the management Station.

There is an hot fix avaliable from Microsoft to fix this issue
Link : –

This update does not re-write the version information for existing settings. Instead, you must define a new set of Internet Explorer settings in a new or existing Group Policy Object.
This update does not create a new Internet Explorer 9 UI item. However, when define new Group Policy Preferences settings, and you select the Internet Explorer 8 option, this setting now applies both to Internet Explorer 8 and to Internet Explorer 9.
After you install this update, the settings that are available for the Internet Explorer 8 option also apply to Internet Explorer 9. However, no new settings are available that are specific only to Internet Explorer 9.


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