Active Directory, Exchange, GPO, Outlook

Disable Outlook Profile Wizard

We are in the mid if migration to exchange 2013.

We noticed all our computers have a custom PRF file hardcoded for Outlook to point to an exchange server in Aberdeen

We have created an SCCM task to delete these PRF files from all Desktops and Terminal servers. Now we have the challenge to suppress the outlook start up wizard which you will receive for the first time users. Outlook Auto Discover will detect the server but you still need to click couple of next to complete.

We like to run the autodiscover wizard in the background without asking the user to click next,  finish to configure and create the outlook profile.

Actually it was much easier than I thought in Outlook 2010

Suggestion from by colleague was to add below registry setting to all PCs via GPO preference

Value name: ZeroConfigExchange
Value type: REG_DWORD
Value data: 1


But I just found there is an easy way to do it directly from 2010 Outlook GPO

User configuration / Policies / Administrative templates / Microsoft Outlook 2010 / Account Settings / Exchange

Automatically configure profile based on Active Directory Primary SMTP address

This will creates users Outlook profile at first logon without the need for the user to enter any settings.


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