Active Directory, Windows, Windows Servers

Active Direcoty Administrative Center

We have been using Active Directory Users and Computers to Manage AD for long time now.

In Windows 2008 Microsoft introduced The Active Directory Administrative Center, but most we admins still continue using our old favorite tool typing DSA.MSC.

But today when I was trying to find last logged on date for an account I realized I cannot use ACCTINFO2.dll feature which helped me earlier to find the additional account details I can no longer use with Windows 2008 R2 machine.

So little more investigation I realized it’s the time to start using the Active Directory Administrative Center.

We can start it either from Administrative Tools (one the feature RSAT are installed on the management station) or typing DSAC.exe (note any more mmc and mmc crashesJ)

You can browse to users or search for them. I’ll search for service account



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