How to enable Dedupe

Install Dedupe role on the server using Server Manager

Enable Dedupe for the volume in Server Manager

[In the dashboard for server manager below Local server right click Volume and enable Dedupe]

Or use the Powershell

Import-Module ServerManager

Add-WindowsFeature -name FS-Data-Deduplication

Import-Module Deduplication

Enable dedupe

Enable-DedupVolume E: -UsageType HyperVEnable-DedupVolume E: -UsageType Default

To check

Get-DedupVolume | format-list

Set duplication job

Start-DedupJob –Volume E: –Type Optimization

Status check

Get-DedupJobGet-DedupStatus | Format-List

How to disable Data De-duplication

Leave Data Deduplication enabled

Exclude the volume.

Run below powershell command

start-dedupjob -Volume <Volume>  (e.g M: ) -Type Unoptimization

To check status : get-dedupjob

To clean up the Garbage: start-dedupjob -Volume <Volume> -Type GarbageCollection

Check status


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