Outlook error moving folders

I have noticed below error while moving folders with in the outlook.

“Cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items”

This mostly there are private items in the folder trying to move.

Microsoft suggested solutions


But in my case below steps helped to resolve the issue

  1. Open the shared mail box as default mail box (bit tricky with exchange 2013 and outlook 2013. I have to add a profile as my user mail box and modify the Data file settings going to control panel / Mail to the shared mail box name.)
  2. Open Outlook as the shared mailbox (or the user mail box) where we have issues with private items. Click on File, Account Settings and then Delegate Access.
  3. Click on Add, then find the account of the user who is facing the issue.
  4. Select Delegate can see my private items (last one)
  5. Click save.

If we receive error complaining cannot delegate send on behalf two ways to solve.

  1. Add the above user send on behalf from Exchange (ECP or Shell).
  2. then the user will appear in the Access delegation window
  3. Delegate access to private items

or else

add the registry key

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Preferences -> add DWORD “IgnoreSOBError” with value 1.
Restart Outlook




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